Architectural Visualizations

Discover what type of visual suits better your ongoing project to extract its full potential.
You may need some views for planning permission, for property marketing or maybe to show some details directly to your client. There is always a right image for an architectural project.

Types of Visuals: Still Images or CGIs, Photomontages, Animations, 360 Walkthroughs




Still image


There are many ways to name it. The aim is to capture the purpose that your project would benefit from at its current stage.

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Sometimes a CGI is not enough. It is common especially during planning application that we need to justify current regulations and so we use photomontages to better show the building in its location.

Moreover, it is really useful also for development as it shows the yet to build building to potential buyers placed right where it is going to be. We understand that location is crucial to showcase a project.

In these cases, we can create a photomontage based on the photos you would like us to use. In case you do not have them, we would use pics from Google Maps and edit them in order to get the best result.


Have you ever wondered what could we broadcast with a 20 seconds video of your project?

If we add movement to the scene, the resemblance to reality is amazingly noticeable and the visual communication gets to its next level.

This kind of visualization is highly recommended if we intend to show the transition between spaces, the different atmospheres between outside and inside or how natural and artificial lighting works in different moments of the day.

360 Walkthroughs

And what if we add some interaction?

If your client gets to decide where to look from his or her mobile phone, eveything becomes more dynamic and accesible.

Cuando tu cliente puede decidir hacia dónde mirar desde su móvil, todo se vuelve más dinámico y accesible

Starting Point: 2D Plans, 3D Model o Sketches

3D model

Sometimes we start from a 3D model you already have, It can be a 3D model or a BIM model. We are ready to addapt from different software.

From that point, we create the visuals you need using visualization software along with image and video edition.

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Plans or Sketches

We can also start from 2D plans created in CAD software or even from drawings if your project is currently starting to be created.

Sometimes it is crucial to create visuals in the early stages of the project