Who I am and why I love this work

Hi there!

My name is Marta. I am an architect from Spain.

I love nature and visual arts.

When I am out of town hiking or getting lost on the beach I feel a valuable sensation of freedom and conection with myself. It’s similar to what I feel while practicing yoga. That’s why yoga has become part of my daily routine.

Back at the university while studying my degree in architecture, I discovered that I disagree with the way architects used to communicate their projects.

The teachers used to tell us that people must trust in our plans and sections. I remember feeling upset about that “fact”.

If we have the right tools and technology within our reach, we should show and speak our projects in the most easy and understandable way.

Plans, sections and our technical language is great to communicate between us.

However, I find absolutely essential to translate that into means that everyone could understand to facilitate and quicken the communication of architectural projects to society.

That’s why I work in visual communication.

My working life started back in 2015. I was an employee at an spanish architectural firm for 3 years. I did multiple tasks related to architecture at that time. I like to call it “multipurpose architect”

However, I felt like I was not really helping architecture doing so.

The decision of studying BIM and visualization and focus my job on this area was not easy at first. I received constantly comments like

But are you a “true” architect then?
If you don’t design buildings then why did you study architecture at all?

Luckily there are architects such as Stepienybarno (with whom I am lucky to collaborate currently) whose job consists in disclose the multiple and useful ways that us architect have to contribute with our abilities ans skills.

Today I am really glad I took that decision and became an architect specialized in archviz

In my opinion, every step of the project improves if we work togheter as a team. In fact, our quality of life improves too.

Have you ever spend a night awake working on a project?
Have you ever dealt with more amount of work than you could manage?
Who doesn’t, right? That’s what I am talking about

I am currently running this archviz business and I am happy to say that I have helped more than 30 clients to make the best visually speaking of their project, creating more than 200 visuals.

I call it Visualab 317 because I like to define my job as a lab in which we are constantly looking for the best formula to communicate architecture.

And of course, my job would not make sense without the help of my collaborators. They are great proffesionals and better people.

Counting on their support, some of the projects we create are done following BIM procedures

Please see bellow a short description of them

Shall we talk?

Visualab317’s Collaborators

José Luis Campano
José Luis CampanoArchitect
Architect specialised in construction project, 3D modelling and graphic programming (Dynamo – Python). He develops new ways of automating processes in Revit. .

He loves new technologies and he is continuously searching for new developments in the technology industry

Rubén Martínez
Rubén MartínezArchitect
Architect in love with earth construction techniques and mock-up creation.

After a period working in facade renovation from France, he came back to Spain to work in small-scale architectural projects.

He is currently collaborating with VisualLab317 y La Barbotina”

Gregorio Toribio
Gregorio ToribioArchitect
BIM architect. He studied at the university of Granada, Spain. After that, he obtained a Master BIM modeler in Revit, certificated by Autodesk. He also studied a master in CYPE. .

He is currently working as a BIM architect, designing BIM projects with Revit for a UK based architectural firm.